evan knox designs jewelry

This year, I am honored to be the guest artist of Laura Bulla of Phillorra Gallery. We are located 3 miles south of TC Steele, just a few scenic miles from Highway 46. Thirty-two juried artisans, a true representation of the arts in Brown County, will share a special glimpse into the lives of working artists and craftsmen throughout the entire month of October.

The Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour is a free, self-guided event designed to showcase the arts and crafts created in the present-day “Art Colony of the Midwest.”

Most studios take credit card payments, but some do not, often because of poor internet service in their studios. We will most likely NOT be accepting credit card payments because of our service issues, so bring cash and checks. For a self guided map, visit blog.browncountystudiotour.com/.

Handmade in my Nashville, Indiana, studio, most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind. Which means that you won't see anyone else in exactly the same necklace that you're wearing. We all like to feel special. Because we are. I use only high quality precious and semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver.